Friday, January 24, 2014

How to make a crispy fried chicken a la Arline

Day 9 of my writing challenge - Teach Something

Do you want to learn how to cook a delicious, juicy and crispy fried chicken in just 4 to 5 minutes?

This of course does not include the preparation, only how long it takes to cook it to come up with this.

Who would not like that right? And Who doesn’t like a yummy, juicy, crispy fried chicken? 

As far as I know most of us love eating it. I love it, my children love it, my family and friends who tasted it said it was the most delicious fried chicken they've ever eaten.

We all have different ways how to cook a delicious crispy fried chicken. It’s either following a recipe from a cookbook, a Youtube video or experimenting and improvising based on different recipes out there.

I’ve been experimenting on it for a while now and the end product is always a success. 

Just like every chef or cook who claims their fried chicken are the best, I would like to say it too  Mine is the most delicious, juiciest crispy fried chicken :) at least for my children, nephews, nieces, family, friends and relatives.

I’ve come up with a recipe which is easy to follow and it will teach us how we can easily achieve a delicious, juicy and crispy fried chicken.

 What we need
We can also use chicken thighs, breasts or chicken wings. 
  White flour with added salt and pepper.
Beaten eggs with added salt and pepper
Bread crumbs.
Cornflakes. We can either use bread crumbs or cornflakes. It depends on your preference.

Seasalt, Black pepper, Cayenne pepper, Knoflook, Chili, Lemon

How it is done

1. Boil the chicken for 12 to 15 minutes in a boiling water. This is to evenly cook every part of the chicken so frying will be less. You can add bouillon and lemon to the water (optional)


2. Marinate the chicken for 25 - 30 minutes or overnight (your preference) with salt or bouillon, garlic, black pepper, cayenne pepper, lemon and chili (optional if you want to add a little kick). You can also add whatever herbs you like ex. thyme, rosemary, coriander for added flavor.

3. Coat the chicken with flour then egg and finally bread crumbs or cornflakes (depending on what you like to use)

 4. Heat the oil in a frying pan making sure it's hot enough by sprinkling a drop of water in it. When the drizzles is gone then it's hot, (this is how I test if the oil is in the right temperature).  You can either use an electric frying pan or a pan with oil enough to submerge the chicken. Set it in maximum heat or high fire.

5. Because the chicken was precooked, deep frying it will only take about 4 to 5 minutes until it is golden brown. 

6. Serve with rice and stir fry veggies or french fries and green salad just like what I had for dinner today.

Bon appetit! Enjoy! Eet smakelijk! :)

I hope you can try this recipe and if you did, please share in the comments below how delicious and crispy it is. Or if you wish to add anything to it please feel free to do so and tell me, I would be delighted to know.

Thanks a lot and have a crrrunnchy crrrrissspppy friend chicken.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

How dissatisfaction can trigger Change

Day 7 of my writing challenge. Prompt - Write to your kids or to your younger self.

Writing to oneself is kind of awkward but sometimes it's just a way to remind us of what we did in the past and what we need to do in the present. This letter is dedicated to the author of this blog. :)

Dearest You, 

How are you nowadays? I hope you are doing fine and everything is okay. 

I have several questions for you, please answer it honestly so we can move on from there.

Where were you a year ago?
I remember you said it will be a busy year for you.  What did you do then?

You even told me  you have to set some goals to accomplish on or before the year 2013 ends.
Did you ever accomplish it?
Did you set it in the first place? Did you at least put it in writing?

I remember you just got back this time of the year last year from a nice vacation in your homeland. You were with your husband Ton and daughter Isabel. You were very happy that after almost 3 years of not going back you celebrated 2 of the most important occasions people celebrate, the Christmas and New Year with your son and the whole family.

You and your family were very happy, it was also the first time that you’ve met the mother of your soon to be born grandchild, Lila.

You had a very beautiful memories of that vacation which the three of you can’t help but reminisced every now and then and leaving you all to want to go back again. 

You were also back to your job at a nursing home. You were happy because before you left for your vacation, you were given a permanent contract.

What entails your job? Are you really happy with it? Were you contented with the routines you were doing every time you go to work? Has it measured up to your expectations?

I remember too that you set up a goal to lose weight, you even created a page in Facebook, the Health Journals and Journey in May and created a related YT video about it “ Introduction to my Weight Loss Journey”which I should say needs some improvement but I understand it was only your second video. Well for one I admired your courage, overcoming the fear and criticisms is always a great thing.

What happened? Did you attain it?

You also bought a lot of new books like The Virgin Diet which actually paved the way for you to continue your quest to lose weight. When you started and followed it, immediately after 7 days you saw results already, you lost about 3kg and that was why it motivated you to go on with it and eventually had you  losing 10kg.

But did you ever finish reading it? I bet you did not just like all the other new books you purchased that I know will help you in one way or another to improve anything you like in your life.

You even joined Juice Up Your Life and started juicing but that was it, you didn't follow the plan to the letter. But it made a positive impact on you because you immediately love juicing.

You will start but you will procrastinate. Was that the right word? Procrastination? I wanted to say you were getting so popular with that.  When are you really going to delete that word in your 

You did a lot actually last year. Should I be proud of it? You joined a 90 day transformation contest about improving the 3 categories in your life, the health, wealth and the wise category. You were so enthusiastic at first but never really did your best to get results in all the categories.

Why? Were you really serious about it? I know you were but you lack the confidence to give it all your best.

The only positive about this part was that you met some new friends all over the world who were also trying to change something in their lives. Were they successful? Some of them were because they were actually chosen as winners and most of them probably achieved some changes just like you but were you really satisfied with the results? I know you were not because until now you were still struggling to accomplish something which will bring some changes. That’s the word, you need CHANGE.

I was very happy when you tried to build a website of your own. You named it after you. It was at” Again you were so enthusiastic at first. As I have said, you were known to be like that. What was your reason then? Did you ever really think that it was going to be easy without a background on how to do it? I guess you did.

You built it through following a YT instructional video. And I was kind of amazed that you were able to really follow it. There were of course some mistakes along the way but at the end of it  you achieved results. But you lost momentum along the way and decided to cancel it. Weren’t  you embarrassed of yourself?

When are you going to stick to something you really want to do and not stopping but persisting until you see results? When exactly? Tell me so I can tell you to set real goals and achieve real results.

Write them down and stick to it. Work on it every day and don’t be discourage at a sign of failure, maybe your approach was not effective so try another one and don’t stop. Will you do that for me? Please…

I know you did a lot more, you even purchased some online courses about blogging, the Learn To Blog but again you were doing the same thing, very eager to learn but eventually putting it off as if there's always tomorrow to begin again. When are you going to learn your lessons? I am really getting tired of it and I was on the verge of giving up on you. You wouldn’t like it, will you? 

The one thing I like about you though is that you don’t stop dreaming and trying things. But the worst thing you always do is stopping without really achieving results and jumping on the next opportunity to only repeat what you have done in the past. Wasn’t that so annoying already? Did you ever get angry with yourself? Just to let you know I was and still is angry that you can’t bring yourself to a better position.

Yes, I also remembered something few weeks before last year ended. You were at one point in your life that you got so depressed. You were not happy at all, even your husband was telling you to look on the positive side of life. But you can't seem to pull yourself up together. You were blaming the weather, you believed that winter is a depressing weather at least according to a lot of people.  You lost interest. You were just very lonely. But isn’t it that we are the ones creating how our emotions would be? You understood what I meant, right? 

I am sure you were already so tired of not getting more results in what you were doing? But did you ever reflect on it? Did you ever ask yourself what was it that you were doing wrong? You never really learned, didn’t you? Are you ready with the truth? And did you know that the truth hurts? I bet you do.

Are you ready to hear it then? Let us be brutal here… You were afraid, you didn’t have that courage to really step out of your comfort zone. You were a procrastinator. You never really learn from the mistakes that you have done in the past. You were satisfied with how your life was/is. You were a starter but not a finisher. You lack the right discipline to get you continuously motivated.

So for the last time I will ask you, When are you going to change? You talk about it in the past, but did you keep applying it in your life?  Do something this year, really do something and make it right, go on even when the race  gets tough. 

Achieve results, go for what you really want and vision SUCCESS. Pull yourself up together because I really want you to be successful this year. Concentrate on what you really want and just GO FOR IT… NO EXCUSES.  Can you promise me that?

One last thing, I know you were dissatisfied with what happened in your life last year so this year I want you to move, act and reach for that star no matter what… Do not just settle for good, exceed your limitations. Get better and DO NOT GIVE UP.. That’s when you stop fighting.

I care for you and I love you, so love yourself more because when you do, you will see results and changes. Do not take for granted the magnificent power of prayers and remember God will never ever forsake you. You know He is always there for you.

Good luck and God bless always,

Your loving self,


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Friend's Mysterious Tale

Day 6 of my writing challenge. Prompt - Tell Someone's Story

This is a story about my childhood friend whom I haven’t seen for more than 3 decades now since she left for Saudi Arabia to work as a domestic helper.

Her name was Lolita but she was fondly called Lolet. She was living opposite our house where I grew up and spent most years of my life.  I am not sure if she was the same age as me or a year older. I thought she was taller than me because her body type was bigger.

She was a nice person. A good daughter of a very nice couple. The 4th child of 6 siblings. She was beautiful, kind, very responsible and industrious, doing almost all the household chores back then.

We were not together during our elementary days. She went to a school nearby and I went to another school with my oldest brother and had to stay at my grandfather’s house during weekdays and go home on weekends.

So whenever I was home, we always try to make up for the days that we didn’t see each other.
We gossiped and visited each other’s house.  We talked even if one of us was doing something or  offer help whenever it was needed.

But what we didn’t forget when we had the time to be together was to play with dolls, or play hide and seek or make a play house and assigned each a role together with our sisters or our playmates.

We attended the same high school.  We were not together in a class because I was on a higher section A and she was in B or C section.  But it never affected us. We would always go to school and walk home together.

We helped each other with school assignments and studied together every now and then. We were happy doing things together. We met some other friends along the way but we stayed close.

Then it was time to enroll in college, she also went to the same school as I but took up another course. I took up Nursing and we were in different time schedules and different buildings so we seldom see each other.

The more we got involved with our studies and new friends, the more we grew apart. 

But we were still friends, during weekends that we were home, we managed to gossip a little or we will just say to each other “ Hi, How are you? Or How’s school?

The closeness we had when we were younger wasn’t there anymore. We had our new set of friends. I can’t even remember if she finished college.

Taking up Nursing took almost all of my time 5 days a week.  It was attending both theory in school and the practical application which took place in the hospital.

After graduation, I had my practice at one of the hospitals where I lived.  The more I got busy, the seldom we see each other.

Then one day, she went to me and said she was leaving very soon.  She applied as a domestic helper in Saudi Arabia.

She said it was her dream that she will be able to help out her family already. Back then I was also thinking of going abroad but Middle East.  There were many demands of nurses in that part of the world but I was afraid to go there. 

There was so much bad news of overseas workers and domestic helpers being handled very badly that either they were beaten, killed or put in jail.

It frightened me so much. I can't stand the thought of me not able to go out except going to work.

During the first 2 years that she was working there, she maintained the communication with her family. She was sending pictures of her and every time I asked her mom about her she will show me the photos. 

She had a smile on her face, as if saying  “I am okay and everything’s fine” , she seemed to have no problem at all.

She was able to send money too, her family was happy. But they were missing her very much. I was also missing her. I always asked about her and how it was where she worked.  Her mother and father would always say she was okay. Her siblings too.

One day they told me she was getting married. Then she had a son. All that stories without her going back home were only through letters and photos. I even saw his son’s photo. He was a beautiful baby.

Years went by without seeing her anymore after that day she told me she was leaving to work in the Middle East.  She never came back anymore after that.

Her father died, she was not there, her mom died few years after the father, she didn’t come back either.  There must be something wrong. It was heart breaking for her family, it was so hurtful for me too because she was my childhood friend.

I never heard from her anymore. I talked to her oldest brother one time when I was riding a bus going to Manila in 2008. He was a bus inspector and he saw me and I asked about Lolet.

He said they didn’t have news anymore about her. It was already a long time ago that they haven’t heard from her. I was very sad. I was hurt. I cried in silence. It must have been very hard for them. 

Can you imagine the pain and agony of her family? They didn't know her whereabouts and were not sure anymore if she’s still alive.

Will they ever see her again? Will I ever know what really happened to her?

Will she ever go back to her homeland and tell her son that she grew up there? 

Will her son be able to know his other family where her mom was born and raised?

Will these questions remain unanswered?

Honestly I really don’t know the answers to these queries. 

We will never know what happened to her unless one of her family or someone  will do something about it.

Is she still alive?   I hope and pray she still is.  

It will not only answer the several questions in her family's mind and mine but what's most important is that I will be happy and rejoicing but most of all her loving family.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I am Your Fate, You are my Destiny Part III

Part II -

The Wedding

The Preparation

Ton had only 14 days’ vacation and it was almost spent with processing all of the requirements we needed for our marriage and the preparation for the wedding itself.

We had to buy our wedding clothes, bridal rings, go to different  authorities for authentication of additional papers needed for the marriage and etc, etc. We were so busy but we were happy. 

It was travelling back and forth from Manila to San Pablo City. It was tiring and stressful but we managed to stay smiling, positive and jolly. 

We didn’t mind. We were in love so that was all that matters. Everything seemed easy and light.

Guess that’s how people are when everything around them is red which they say is the color of love.

Unforeseen circumstance

The wedding was almost cancelled. What???......

On the day of our wedding a storm hit the country. Ton said it was the first time he had ever seen a very strong rain.

We were supposed to get married at 4pm but someone called us from the city hall that they had to cancel the ceremony and reschedule it to another day.

Everybody was asked to go home because of the storm so nobody will be around to facilitate the marriage.

Ton and I were caught in surprise, no that can’t be. Ton was scheduled to go home the next day at 10 am so he had to be checking in 3 hours before the flight. 

And that meant going to Manila before or at 5 am because we still need to go to the apartelle to pack his things.

Ton was very worried. I was too but I stayed calm. I explained to the woman that we can’t reschedule the wedding, telling her the reason why.

Fortunately, they understood our ordeal and  they reset the time to 1:30 pm.

The Ceremony

We were picked up from our hotel by one of our godmothers and a very good friend Gloria, I call her Ma’am Gloh and headed to the city hall.

My father, godmothers, auntie, cousins, sister, nephews, niece and my daughter Isabel were there to witness the union of two people from two different cultures who were united because their hearts spoke the universal language.

Ton was wearing a suit, black coat, pants and shoes and a light violet polo with a matching tie. I was in red dress with a black little coat and black hi-heels. 

We were even provided with a choir who sang beautiful romantic songs, very apt for the atmosphere. 
My father escorted and handed me to Ton who was all smile, patiently waiting for me.

Our godmothers marched too and Isabel who was wearing a red little gown was our flower girl who carried our wedding rings.

August 17, 2007 was one of the most important days in my life

Sealing the promise of love, “for better or for worse, in health and in sickness, till death do us part” to a man whom I entrusted my precious heart with. 

After the wedding, we went to our reception at Max Restaurant and my family, relatives, dear friends and colleagues came and greeted us with best wishes. 

Ton and I were very happy. It was a memorable day for us celebrating with our family and friends.

Below is a  2 part video of the wedding photos taken during  the  wedding ceremony conducted by a judge in San Pablo City Hall and likewise at the reception hall at Max Restaurant. 

Please bear with the quality of the photos as some of them were not captured clearly. :)


The Wedding Part I - The Vows 

                                                  The Wedding Part II - The Celebration

And they live happily ever after.....................................:)

Capture the beautiful and unforgettable moments in your life.

Cherish it and every now and then go back with the memories of the past.

It will rekindle the feelings, joy and happiness that was there before and which will stay here, now and forever.

Thank you very much for sharing your time with me. :)

Monday, January 20, 2014

I am your Fate, You are my Destiny Part II

The proposal

He proposed to me sometime in May. He said it very clearly, he wrote it too but for some reason the email was not saved and I can't find it in our YM talks. 

He said " Arline, Will you marry me"? 

I was surprised but managed to say Are you sure you want to marry me? 

There were some discussions, Q & A, some issues I want to clarify, and the answers were enough.

The most important reason, we were in love. And to make the story short I answered Yes.

Excerpts from one of my emails....

Jun 6, 2007
Dearest Love,

Thank you for making me the happiest person in the world when you offered me marriage,,,, asking me "Arline will you marry me"? I thought I was fainting, you should have felt how i feel then.
Goosebumps all over... and overwhelming with happiness.........cried tears of joy..... hoping I can hug and kiss you at that moment ,,,,,,,,, and cry over your chest....... Thank you so much Sweetheart.

As far as I can see we are always meant to be ,,,, my DESTINY....
Baby you are my destiny ... you and I are meant to be... forever,

Thank you for coming into my life.

Your wife to be,


So instead of the original plan to go and see me in October, he booked a trip in August 2007.

Originally too, it was only to get to know each other better. But since we wanted to get married, we decided to process the papers needed for the wedding.

He only booked for 14 days and that wasn’t enough time to finish all that was needed for the wedding. So he sent all the necessary papers to me and I took care of everything

May 24, 2007


I just booked a flight to Manilla from Amsterdam

I will add the official data so you know when I come and when I must leave you again.
I love you and I can hardly believe this is going to happen.


Van Amsterdam(Schiphol) naar Manilla(Manila)
Vluchtnummer KL0803
Vertrek/Aankomst 14:10 Vr 3 Aug 07
Arrivaltime 08:45 Za 4 Aug 07
Klasse Economy Class
Opmerkingen Totale reistijd: 12 uren 35 minuten


Van Manilla(Manila) naar Amsterdam(Schiphol)
Vluchtnummer KL0804
Leaving 10:45 Za 18 Aug 07
Aankomsttijd 18:35 Za 18 Aug 07
Klasse Economy Class

I love you my beautiful Arline

Yours forever, Ton

The sign

A very strange thing happened after all the papers were completed, signed and sealed. .

I came from the Dutch Embassy in Makati, Philippines with everything we needed for the wedding sealed in a brown envelop. I went to a mall in Greenbelt, bought some things and decided to go home.

I was thinking of riding a taxi but decided to ride a coded jeepney to get to the bus station that will take me to San Pablo City.

I was already sitting in the bus when I noticed I didn’t have the brown envelop with me.

I panicked and got a taxi, went back to the jeepney station hoping and praying that I find it again. I talked to someone in charge of the station and he told me to wait for the jeepney that I rode.

We searched every one of them whenever they stopped for their next trip but to no avail.

I called my friends telling them of what happened, they were giving me hope, they said to stop worrying. I didn’t want to call Ton, I don’t want him to get upset and worried. I just waited.

I was there for 2 -3 hours getting restless but uttering prayers too. Then, I had to go to the comfort room and when I came back to where the man was sitting, there he was with the brown envelop.

Can you imagine the relief I had? I cried and smiled. I was very happy. I thanked God.

Then I realized something. A thought came to me, "We are meant for each other" It was destined to happen otherwise the brown envelop with all the important papers we need for our wedding will not be found anymore.

And yes. you can say it was God’s will that we will be united as one. 

The meeting

Ton arrived in August 7, 2007 in Ninoy Aquino International Airport. He was wearing a black polo shirt and jeans. He didn’t see me at once, the security guard had to tell him about me.

So we started walking towards each other. He hugged me, we were both nervous. His hands were shaking, my heart was beating so fast.

From the airport  we took a taxi and went to the apartelle he booked before he even flew to the Philippines. It was a nice place, almost like a little condo or a bachelor’s pad.

In the taxi, we hold hands, at last we finally met in body and flesh. I was quiet, smiling, our hearts were beating so fast, we were still nervous but it was comforting.

Introduction to Family, Relatives, Friends and Colleagues 

The next day we travelled to San Pablo City. He wanted at once to meet my children and family. Isabel who was then 7 years old was at once at ease with him and Justin was very quiet and shy.

My father was happy to meet Ton, during the whole time, he was never without a smile on his face.

He met the rest of the family, my brothers and sisters. Unfortunately my mom wasn’t around anymore to meet the man I decided to spend the rest of my life with. 

But I took him to her grave and silently introduced him to her, with tears in my eyes. I knew she is happy. I imagined her with a beautiful approving smile.

I introduced him to my relatives too and simultaneously invited them to our wedding.

I took him to where I worked previously and where I was presently working (the Colegio) and while we were walking in the building hall of the nursing department, we were cheered by the students, more of teasing I guess.
It was like they saw a rock star passing by, that was how Ton felt, :)  probably because he is a singer and he sings mostly rock music.  

He was able to meet my previous employers, friends, and colleagues. My boss Dean Alita Conde even surprised me with a lunch invitation at a restaurant in Tagaytay, where Ton saw for the first time the Taal Volcano, one of the tourist spots in the Philippines. 

He met a very good friend of mine, I call her Tita Eugene, I asked her to be one of our godmothers and she invited us to a comedy bar where a band was playing, he was asked to play the guitar and I was asked to sing a song too.

I sang Runaway by the Corrs and tears ran down his face, the gay emcee said “wow, look at him he’s crying  he really loves you very much”. 

To be continued........... :) 

Part III -