About Me

Hi, welcome and thanks for checking us out, this blog and me.

Thoughts and writings straight from the heart is just about what the title of this blog wants to convey.

A blog that was created since October 2013 when the smiling lady below started writing at writehere.com and eventually decided to sign up at Blogger.com

Her name is Arline, sometimes called Lyn or Airline.

Arline is a loving mom first, wife second and grandmother third, but she is also a caring nurse, an educator,  a passionate singer, a dancer, a writer, a chef and a photographer  in her own right, a health enthusiast, a massage therapist, a joker, a good friend and a lover of nature and environment.

She is a native of the beautiful island of the Philippines and mostly spent her life there. More than 4 years ago, she moved to the Netherlands to live there permanently with her Dutch husband. She loves traveling and already visited Japan and Taiwan, (well, for work reasons) Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and France.

She has a degree in Bachelor of Science in Nursing and attended a 2 year post graduate studies in Master of Arts in Nursing.  She had worked in the different departments of nursing, in the hospital, as a private nurse, an industrial nurse and worked part time as a massage therapist but what she loved the most was when she started teaching and imparting knowledge and skills to future nurses. There were also periods in her life that she worked in sales and ventured in few businesses. 

She had 2 children, Justin and Isabel, both already grown ups. Justin lives in the Philippines with her first granddaughter Lila and his fiancee. Isabel lives with her in the Netherlands.

When she went to Japan she learned to speak Japanese, in Taiwan she was able to speak Chinese and now she is trying to perfect the dutch language.  She thinks dutch is the hardest of them all but she was able to speak and understand it in one year and getting better everyday. Nowadays, she stays motivated and encouraged that eventually she will be able to speak and understand the language with ease.

At present, she is working in the nursing home and have been interacting with the old people for more than 3 years now. She likes her job but she continues to search for other options and possibilities with regards to career development.

The experiences she's getting with working closely with the lives of the old people can be a good reference to write about, which can be very useful to prevent the diseases that affect their ability to enjoy their life in their retirement. 

In October 2013 she started writing and she hopes to be very good at it. She is reading a lot on how to be one and eventually will write an ebook or a book based on the why's and how's of "things".

In the meantime, she writes on the subjects of people, experiences she had in the past and present and hopefully she will be able to find the niche that she can be very good at.

Just recently in June 15, 2014 to be exact, she started her own business in massage therapy and she named it Feel N Heal Massage. 

Her belief in our Almighty God is very strong and she knows her prayers will always be answered.

She hopes you find this helpful to get to know her a little bit better. There is more to know but for now, what's written here about herself will suffice.

She thank you all for dropping by and sharing with her a bit of your precious time.

Have a wonderful day. 

Relax, Breath and Smile! :)

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